The final ceremony of the competition for the selection of the name and logo of the project “Biodiversity and Water Protection Lake Palić and Lake Ludaš” was held in the Grand City Hall of Subotica. The students from the Polytechnic School of Subotica and the Grammar School – Gymnasium “Svetozar Marković” in Subotica participated in the final ceremony.

A tough assignment was before the jury, but the works of the following three students were chosen best in the category of the Project Name/Slogan:1st place – Vanesa Nagy – “Ecolacus”

2nd place – Majda Pejanović “The Sky Spectrum in waters”

3rd place – Mihajlo Bolić “Save the souls of Palic & Ludas”

The following were selected in the category of the Best Designed Logo:

1st place – Staša Stantić

2nd place – Nataša Kerekeš






3rd place – Filip Kovač

The Manager of SETEC Engineering, Mr Željko Mitrović, presented the awards for the most original works, in the form of vouchers for the purchase of computer equipment.

First place – 350 EUR reward voucher,

Second place – 100 EUR reward voucher,

Third place – 50 EUR reward voucher.

The Audience

Mr Željko Mitrović awarding the winners


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