The first conference on environmental issues was held in Stockholm in 1972 when the UN General Assembly designated the 5th of June to be World Environment Day.

On this day, the whole world moves through various activities and campaigns to draw public attention to numerous environmental issues and the significance of preserving the environment.

To protect flora and fauna as well as Palić lake and Ludaš lake, there is an ongoing project implementation Ecolacus – “Biodiversity and Water Protection Lake Palić and Lake Ludaš”. Funding was provided by the grant of the Government of the Republic of Germany in addition to a small part of the funding coming from the budget of the City of Subotica.

This project implementation will improve the water quality of lake Palić and lake Ludaš and thus create better conditions for the preservation of biological diversity in this area.

In addition to the significant investment measures within the scope of the Project implementation, including: operation improvement of the wastewater treatment plant, expansion of the sewerage system in Palić, construction of the green protection zone and performing biomanipulation around Lake Palić and lake Ludaš, there is another very important part of the activities such as raising public awareness about the significance of environmental protection.

Accordingly, the PR team of the project has successfully conducted several educational activities in the previous period dealing with the importance of environmental protection and the long-term significance of the Ecolacus project. The activities were conducted with the youngest ones through chat rooms, site visits to water treatment plant, and organizing competitions in order to choose the name and logo of the project.

It is vital to understand that preservation of the environment is important for all of us. We must preserve the nature we leave behind to our children. Even small changes in nature conservation can have a significant effect.