Contracts for UPGRADING OF THE SUBOTICA WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT and WASTE WATER PUMPING STATION PALIC have been signed 11.06.2020. between PUC “Vodovod i Kanalizacija”, Subotica, and company “Graditelj-NS” DOO from Novi Sad.

Components of contract for UPGRADING OF THE SUBOTICA WWTP are:

  • Construction and installation of a phosphor polishing stage, comprising of pumping stations, FeCl3 dosing station, static mixer, flocculation and rotating disc filter;
  • General overhaul of the existing sludge dewatering table and belt sludge press;
  • Supply and installation of bulk water meters;
  • Construction of a canopy over the sludge loading area.

Components of contract for WWPS PALIC are:

  • Supply, delivery, and construction of wastewater pumping station
  • Reconstruction of existing lagoon and conversion of one half into a retention for receiving diluted water during heavy rainfalls;
  • Auxiliary installations.