A press conference has been held on the Palić Great Terrace today on the occasion of setting up information boards and presenting an overview of the annual results of the Ecolacus project.

A member of the project PR team, Mrs Ljubica Bertović, was a moderator of the conference. She presented a brief overview of project activities and the design for the information board of the project. The next speaker was Mr Ervin Molnar, the head of the Project Management Unit, and directors of PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” and PE Palić-Ludaš, who presented the project investment measures in more detail. The representative of the consulting company Posh & Partners Consulting Engineers, Mr Marko Stojčić, emphasized how important for the future generations project Ecolacus is, and how significant the biodiversity of lakes Palić and Ludaš is, as well.

Information boards will be placed at the beginning of the western and eastern shores of Lake Palić; one will be located at the parking lot near the “Muški štrand” (men`s bath) and then another one near the Visitor Centre at Lake Ludaš.

The representatives of the City Administration of Subotica supported the conference in addition to a large number of participating media.

More about the investment measures can be seen in the video.