Tourism has a great impact on cultural, social, political, and economic values. It is especially important for the progress of less developed and underdeveloped areas. There was a large reduction of tourist trips in the year 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic with severe consequences on tourist destinations, especially those less developed, such as rural areas. For that reason, the theme of this year’s World Tourism Day is Tourism and Rural Development.

Practice shows that tourism is a lifeline for many rural communities. It is a significant source of income and provides employment opportunities for more people, especially for women and youth. Tourism contributes to the preservation of tradition, local food culture, and crafts, but also natural and cultural heritage, endangered plants, and animal species. It encourages sustainable rural development, supports education and investment, and along with the development of technology, it makes people aware of the importance of preserving the environment and culture.

Our region abounds in rural areas and communities. They partly include our beautiful Palić as well as Lake Ludaš. Although the center of Palić is an urban area, its surroundings are rural. Tourists can get acquainted with the former way of life on the farms, in the vicinity of fields, orchards, vegetable gardens, with the admixtures of the more recent way of life. Their architecture is authentic. The content offered is both traditional and modern, and especially interesting to tourists who are not from this region. You can find specialties from the local cuisine in restaurants. A real homely atmosphere adds a special charm that exudes kindness, helpfulness, and serenity.

The rich and delicious home-made cuisine is interesting for tourists. The home-made ham, cheeses, various soups, rooster stew with dumplings, lamb, turkey, potato pie, grange beans stew, “fanci” doughnuts, strudels, “gomboci” dumplings, and many other dishes stand out. Guests can spice it all up with home-made brandy made of plums, apples, and other fruits.

Palić and Ludaš are recognizable for their diversity offered. In addition to the well-known urban ambience, the image of their rural part also stands out. Visiting rural areas with wild trails is a real adventure and enjoyment for cycle tourists and hiking enthusiasts, but also for those who admire nature and the specificity of biodiversity of both lakes and the surrounding area.

There is no rural environment without a healthy biodiversity. We must all do our best to make our biodiversity functional. In the spirit of celebrating the World Tourism Day through the prism of rural areas, we would like to remind you that the goals of the Ecolacus project are exactly the preservation and improvement of water biodiversity of Lakes Palić and Ludaš.  It overflows to positively affecting tourism in these two areas.