The Construction of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Path Contract was co-signed between the construction company “Graditelj NS” and the PE “Palić-Ludaš” on October 2nd, 2020. The construction of the paths is planned and is being realized as part of the investment measure to establish a protection belt around Lake Palić. The funds for the preparation of design and technical documentation, as well as for the construction, are provided within the project “Ecolacus”. All the basic preconditions, the required permits, and the professional supervision were provided by the City of Subotica.

The contract was signed for the amount of EUR 331,000 and about 2 km of the paths will be constructed. This covers approximately one urban section on the western and three sections on the eastern shore of Lake Palić. Some parts of the bike path, based on the Detailed Regulation Plan, will be constructed to have the width of 2.25 m, to provide the basis for the further development of traffic infrastructure in a proper way, while the rest of the path is designed to have the width of 1.5 m. The commencement of works is expected in the upcoming period, and the deadline for construction is 90 calendar days.

In addition to the so far accessible tourist part of the lake, this investment realization will make it possible for tourists and other visitors to experience something more in terms of the natural environment provided by the coastal strip within which the paths will be constructed.