In the period from August 3, 2020 up to September 5, 2020, PE Palić-Ludaš performed a second selective fishing campaign on non-indigenous species, with the help of local fishing company. The fishing took place at the Sector IV of Lake Palić as a part of project investment measure – Biomanipulation.

The selective fishing campaign turned out to be clearly more successful than expected.

The results are:

  • The maximum catch per day was on 19.08.2020 with 3,855 kg.
  • During the 33 days of fishing, 5 tons of Prussian carp was landed.
  • 6,400 samples were assessed for height, length, weight, sex, potential parasites, and visible damages. The average length of the sampled individuals was 17.2 cm, the average height was 6.5 cm, and the average weight was 144.4 grams.
  • In addition to the Prussian carp, which makes up well over 95% of the fish population in Lake Palić, presence of other species has been registered. Zander and Carp populations are in pretty good conditions. In addition to Zander and Carp, the presence of 7 other indigenous species (Perch, Bream, Catfish, Common roach, Common bleak, Northern pike and Rudd) was noted.Over 3,000 individuals of Zander of all age categories, and almost 300 individuals of Common carp were returned from the trap nets to the water.



For information about the first selective fishing campaign in 2019, please follow this link.