Construction work for the bicycle path along the shore of Lake Palić is in progress. The contract was signed at the beginning of October last year. It refers to the construction of the asphalt pedestrian-bicycle path with curbs and traffic signals around Lake Palić.

Marko Stojčić, Project Consultant Representative for the Biodiversity project: We are in the final phase. The existing paths on the east coast were extended by 1km, and on the west coast, by another 1.5km. The contractor is Graditelj NS, the company from Novi Sad and the deadline for the completion of the works is 15.06.2021. The total value of the works will be around 400,000 euros.

The construction of the trail is being realized within the “Ecolacus” project. It is part of the investment measure for the creation of a protective belt around the lake. The project includes the upgrade of the Subotica wastewater treatment plant and the new wastewater pumping station in Palić with the pipeline towards Subotica. It also includes the expansion of the sewage system, the construction of a buffer zone around Palić and Ludaš lakes with bicycle paths and lookouts, and the biomanipulation of Lake Palić.


Marko Stojčić, Project Consultant Representative for the Biodiversity project: Funds for the implementation of the Ecolacus project are provided by the German Development Bank KfW through the competent Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. The participants in the project are the City of Subotica, PUC Vodovod i kanalizacija – Subotica and PE Palić – Ludaš from Palić. The consultant on the project is the Austrian company, Posch and Partner.

Lake Palić, located near Subotica, is one of the most significant tourist attractions in the north of Vojvodina. It is part of the protected area “Palić Nature Park” and attracts a large number of tourists and nature lovers.

Marko Stojčić, Project Consultant Representative for the Biodiversity project: I expect that this investment will support the tourism development at Palić. Tourists, as well as the local population, will be able to enjoy the untouched nature. They can see everything that makes Palić the unique tourist gem of Serbia.

Lake Palić offers many opportunities to nature lovers. In addition to water sports, there are courts for football, basketball, beach volleyball and tennis. The almost completed construction of the pedestrian-bicycle path is good news for all lovers of bicycles and rollerblades, but also for pedestrians who enjoy watching birds, animals and flora along the shores of Lake Palić.