The ECOLACUS Project is nearing its completion. Like through many visits before, the main expert consultants Fritz Schwaiger and Marko Stojcic from Posch & Partners Consulting Engineers, visited Subotica and Palic and inspected the progress of works.

They visited the site where they had a conversation with the management of PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” and PE “Palic-Ludas“ right on the spot, checking the condition and trial operation of the implemented investments.

Since we have not informed the public about it so far, nor through the Project website, we are now doing it in pictures and in words.

Upgrade of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Subotica

Upgrade of the Subotica`s Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

Let us remind ourselves: The construction and installation of special equipment will reduce the concentration of phosphorus in the treatment plant outflow from the allowed 1 to 0.3-0.5 mg/l, which then reduces the development of algae and increases the amount of oxygen in the lake water, i.e. contributes to the survival and beneficial impact of plant and animal species in the lakes.

What was re-inspected: the process of the phosphorus reduction plant, the sliding gate redirecting the effluent to further chemical treatment and filtration before it enters Lake Palic.  The “witness” of the quality of treated water is a swan photographed on the border connecting the lagoons with the lakes.

Construction of the sewage pumping station for the Palic settlement

Let us remind ourselves: A sewage pumping station was built and equipped to push the collected wastewater from the settlement of Palic through the pressure line towards the wastewater treatment plant in Subotica.

The pumping station, the electrical cabinet for the plant control, the surge vessel for mitigating hydraulic shocks in the pipeline in case of a power failure , and the generator (in the background), as a reserve source of energy in case of a power outage, all  “survived” the control test.

Bike path, buffer zone, clearing invasive plant species … around the lake

Great emphasis has been put during the Project implementation on its sustainability in terms of the work organization and management of the buffer zones in PE “Palic-Ludas”.  It was accentuated what help is required in this phase referring to the additional equipment, but also how to provide planning, financial resources for maintenance and staffing of this company so that it can respond to new challenges and sustain the positive achievements of this project.

Finally, about preventing vandalism and raising the relationship quality towards the existing and new lake values

A conversation ensued on the topic of vandalism commonly occurring in our country and especially after construction, landscaping … and about the use of bicycle paths for car traffic, about breaking and stealing seedlings, about the graffiti appearing on information boards …

Fritz said that it would be good for everyone when someone chooses a location for walking, cycling, fishing … to leave it  in the same condition as he/she found it when arriving or how he/she would like to find when arriving there next time.

The visitor centre on Hajdukovo is already a well-known location for the education of young people and children, where their attitude towards nature and its protection is created and improved through camps. If some of the rare species can unknowingly protect and make their habitats more comfortable, then human beings should be so too.