This year, the campaign for selective fishing in Lake Palic continued, within the project “Protection of biodiversity and waters of Lake Palic and Ludas”.

The selective fishing started beginning of February. Since then, around 20t of invasive species was fished out, mostly the Prussian carp. The PE “Palić-Ludaš” said they were planning one more round of fishing campaign this year.

“The first round will be completed on 28th February and the next round is planned in September. Since we first started with these campaigns, around 200t of invasive fish species. Apart from fishing out, there has been fish restocking. Last year we had a successful restocking of  wels catfish (Silurus glanis)” said Marta Dobo, director of the PE “Palić-Ludaš”.

The aim of selective fishing campaigns is to improve the quality of fish stock, enabling for indigenous species to thrive.

“In these nets, there are also desirable species such as carp, perch, and even pike, of course we return these species to the lake. The fact that there are them in the lake is a good sign, but they are now in smaller quantities. This year, in addition to catfish, there are plans to restock with other species as well. We would like to restock fish in all sectors of the Lake Palic, as well as in Lake Ludas” said Tamaš Vinko, associate expert from PE “Palić-Ludaš”.

These activities are carried out within the Ecolacus project (“Protection of the biodiversity of Palić and Ludaš lakes”), which is now in the final phase.

“All planned investments have been mostly completed and handed over to the managers. This year, another selective fishing campaign remains to be done, and we will use this time to optimize the work of all systems that have been built,” said Marko Stojcic, project expert consultant.

At the same time, the monitoring of water quality parameters in the lake continues. According to Stojčić, the improvement of these parameters can already be seen.

“The estimated retention time of water in Palić Lake is about 9 months, so it is necessary to wait a while to see the full impact of all measures implemented. The Institute of Public Health monitors on a monthly basis and we are satisfied with the parameters monitored- so the improvement is already noticeable. ”

Marta Dobo, director of the PE “Palić-Ludaš”, confirmed that the improvement is already visible.

“Users of the water surface, i.e. fishermen, rowers and sailors, tell us that the water improvement is obvious. We will certainly do official monitoring where we will get precise data on the condition of the lake. In any case, it can already be seen that water is improving, of course in the 4th sector it is not as clear as in the 1st and 2nd where it is even transparent “, concluded Dobo.