There are ongoing preparations for the arrival of spring at Palic and Ludas lakes these days. Experts from Palic-Ludas public company have undertaken several necessary activities to nurture the flora around the lakes in the right way.

The pruning of seedlings and branches, broken by ice and wind at Palic, and coating the plants` cut-off parts with phytobalm, was completed. The broken branches were collected by hand and transported by a tractor with a trailer. Additionally, tree tie-straps and anchors used to fasten and fix tree seedlings have been replaced. The waste bins were emptied, and the fence in Sector-III, Section A, was removed to enable the tractor to enter the area for mowing and maintenance. The activities were performed by hand and a tractor. Additionally, there was an amphibious vehicle in places where the soil was wet, that is, in the reeds.

The protection of seedlings from wild animals at Ludas was carried out by repellent coating that is not harmful (neither for plants, nor for animals, and, of course, not for people). The hand-lay-in application of the repellent was carried out to all plants planted within the project.

Another important activity during this period was communication with the local population about respecting field boundaries, that is, the demarcation line between private plots and public areas. Representatives of PE Palic-Ludas contacted the private plots` owners by mail, phone or meeting them on the field.

Pictures: PE Palic-Ludas, March 2022.