The representatives of Palic – Ludas public company, which manages the protected areas in the region of Subotica, presented the activities of the manager at the 43rd International Tourism Fair in Belgrade at the joint stand of the Tourist Organization of Subotica and Park Palic company on Friday, March 25th, 2022.

In addition to the promotional film about the protected areas, the manager presented the importance of nature protection but also the importance of implementing active nature protection measures to preserve and improve the entire area’s biodiversity.

Visitors were introduced to the protected areas declared by the Government of the Republic of Serbia through the conversation and various quizzes: special nature reserve “Ludas lake”, special nature reserve “Selevenj heath” and landscape of outstanding features “Subotica sands”, as well as the protected areas declared by the local self-government – the City of Subotica, and Nature Park “Palic”, and the natural monument “Common oak trees in Palic”. They were especially interested in ecotourism maps, other publications, and souvenirs that were distributed.

Results of the Ecolacus project – “Biodiversity and water protection Lake Palic and Lake Ludas” were presented and especially emphasized at the fair. Results of the Ecolacus project – “Biodiversity and water protection lake Palic and lake Ludas” were presented and especially emphasized at the fair. Visitors are invited to come and see the effects of the project. They are also invited to come again after ten years to witness project implementation and the effects of the successful and in-many-ways-significant project.

The manager was presented by Maja Jankovic – an expert associate for nature protection, and Sandra Cokic Reh – the head of the nature protection sector.

About the Ecolacus project

The Ecolacus project implementation will enable the natural balance restoration of the disturbed ecosystem of Palic and Ludas lakes. Project funding consists of German Government funds, managed by KfW – German Development Bank, in the amount of 6.5 million Euros, and one million Euros of the City of Subotica, provided by the local government, used for land acquisition and compensation, and contribution in kind.