Lake Palic, located next to Subotica, is one of the most important tourist attractions in the north of Vojvodina. It is part of the “Palic Nature Park” protected area and attracts numerous tourists and nature lovers.

According to the data from the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of visits to Palic in the last few years. It seems that more people discovered the natural beauty within our country’s borders during the pandemic when it was difficult or impossible to travel. As far as Palic is concerned, statistics show that there were 85,239 overnight stays in 2021, which is 25 thousand overnight stays more than in 2020 and over 22.5 thousand more than in 2019.

There are many reasons for visiting Lake Palic. Data from previous years show that most visitors are families with children. According to Park Palic company, we can expect numerous manifestations and various cultural events this summer, whereas the European Film Festival from 16th – 22nd of July is the best part of the season. You can find all Palic events on the Park Palić website.

Lake Palić, as well as the nearby Lake Ludas are protected areas, with the rich flora and fauna. Biodiversity and Water Protection Lake Palic and Lake Ludas – Ecolacus project is in its final phase, and the results of this project will be more and more visible from year to year.

Owing to the operation of the improved waste water treatment plant, the lakes` water quality is already better than before the start of the Ecolacus project, and the full effect is expected to be visible in the near future.

The project undertakes measures including the reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus levels in lake water as well as the reduction of overpopulated non-native fish species. Selective fishing of the “weedy” fish species, like silver crucian carp, i.e. babushka, the quantities of which are now disrupting the natural balance of the lakes,  and the introduction of a population of predatory fish, such as perch, is reducing the biomass.

The project also established a buffer zone around both lakes, the greenery area of which is 5 to 20 meters wide with an inspection path for monitoring and maintaining the buffer zone in addition to rest areas, bird-watching towers and platforms. There is also the pedestrian and bicycle path in certain shore parts of Lake Palić. Additionally, information boards were displayed within the project to inform tourists and visitors about significant localities of the Palić and Ludaš lakes.

To be highly entertained, there are information boards in the rest areas, where visitors can inform themselves about the uncommon fish typesbirds and plants represented in this area.

Furthermore, there are numerous  ecology and environmental protection mostly related events on Lake Ludas during the summer. The contents are adapted to different ages, and it is especially important that children can learn a lot during summer workshops and camps, or by visiting the Visitor centre. itself.

If you are a fan of fishing, both Subotica lakes offer excellent conditions for recreational fishing, together with the purchase of an appropriate permit since they are protected areas. On our website you can find a complete guide to practising sport and recreational fishing correctly in the “Palić” and “Ludaš” fishing areas.

We hope that the diversity of content that awaits you at the lakes of Subotica will make you decide to visit them and experience these natural beauties first-hand.