Tender for Construction of an asphalted Foot Path and Bicycle Lane Around Lake Palic is Announced

Tender is announced for construction of about 2.9 km asphalted foot path and bicycle lane with curb stones and signaling along the shore of Sector IV of Lake Palic, and of a 0.5 km long service road (earth track) as shortly described below: Geodetical survey, clearing of vegetation, fences, waste and other objects Construction of [...]

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Contract for construction of buffer zones around lakes Palic and Ludas has been signed

Contract signing for Construction of Buffer Zones around Lakes Palic and Ludas took place in offices of PE “Palic - Ludas” on Tuesday 26.02.2020., with company GRAS GARDEN doo. Scope of works: * Clearing of buffer zone area around both lakes from allochthon species * Supply and planting of autochthon species of bushes, trees and grass * Construction of wooden platforms, watchtowers and pavilions * Establishment of a simple service road for buffer zone maintenance Value of the contract is 650.000 EUR, and the duration is 20 months.

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