A handover procedure for the truck, that will be used for the dehydrated sludge transport from the wastewater treatment plant of Subotica to the regional landfill, was conducted today. The Purchaser PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Subotica, the Supplier WEST TRUCK ltd, Belgrade, and the Consultant Posch & Partners, Austria, were present.

The sludge used to be deposited to the local landfill of Subotica in the previous period. To enable the sludge from the wastewater treatment process from the wastewater treatment plant Subotica to be efficiently and safely transported to the regional landfill Bikovo, and with funding made available by the project “Biodiversity and Water Protection lake Palić and lake Ludaš”, a new truck with a larger capacity with a suitable container was provided.

The IVECO truck, with the PALFINGER superstructure (loader crane), was chosen to suit the dimensions and position of the sludge dehydration press.  Three drivers were trained to handle the equipment during the handover, and they received a Certificate of Training for that.