At the beginning of February 2020, a contract was signed with the company GRAS GARDEN ltd. for the works, i.e. clearing the area of the protection zone around both lakes, as one of the investment measures of the Project.

The goal was the following: remove the non-native species from the area of the protection zone, procure and plant indigenous species of shrubs, trees and grass, make a simple access road for the protection zones maintaining, as well as build wooden platforms, bird watching towers and rest areas.

While other works are nearing completion, wooden platforms, bird watching towers and rest areas were set up in early September 2021, so citizens can use them, enjoy the beauty of the lake and observe the different bird species that live in this habitat.

To inform visitors about bird species that can be observed, posters will be put on the bird watching towers, and to inform them about plant species, posters will be put at the rest areas. Collecting more detailed explanations of plants and birds will be available using a QR code.